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09 February 2011 @ 07:40 pm
Wanting to complete my Fifth Doctor Costume.  
Well since both my Seventh Doctor costumes are finished (Season 25 and 26), I am wanting to get my Season 19 Fifth Doctor costume complete as well. I have a Season 19 Question Mark shirt and Sweater which I bought from what was called doctorwhoforum.com on there group buys. Now all I am needing is:
  • The Frock coat (Season 19 style)
  • The Season 19 stripy trousers
  • One Panama Hat, with orangey/red hat band
  • Plimsolls
  • Stick of fake celery
In terms of the Frock coat, I really am useless with a needle and thread, so would have to find someone that could make this for me, obviously at a price.  People on the dwcosplay community have provided me with links to buying sticks of fake celery.  The Panama hat I would get off ebay, like I did for my 2 Seventh Doctor panamas (this time dont need to worry if the brim doesn't turn up or not..

Has anyone here got a complete Fifth Doctor costume which you or someone else has made?  I would really love to look at your pictures.
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